Sankalp Spine

Welcome To Sankalp Spine

Sankalp Spine Hospital is located in Ellisbridge area which is in centre of Ahmedabad. It is having state of the art facilities for the surgeries and all latest equipments required.

All types of Spine related treatment are available at the Sankalp Spine Hospital. The Hospital has full time dedicated staff for the patients. Staff is experienced, and compassionate to the patients and takes utmost care of them.

The operation theatre at Sankalp Spine Hospital is one of the most equipped and with latest technology available around the world. Capable of performing all types of spine surgeries including the most complex ones.

The hospital provides spine related services like Disc excision , minimally invasive discectomy, cervical discectomies, pedicle screw fixation, spinal fractures reconstruction, spinal tumor excision, microsurgeries for the spine, scoliosis and kyphosis surgeries.

Sankalp hospital receives patients from all over Gujarat , nearing states of Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh as well as far off states like Uttar Pradesh, Assam, J & K, Chattisgarh, etc.


Commited to Cure.

This few words suggest the ethics at this hospital. The team at Sankalp Hospital is committed completely to their patients till they get completely cured.